2017 Generations Medicare Advantage Plans, Offered by GlobalHealth FAQS

Please review the Q&A below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding Pharmacy, Choice of Doctor, Choice of Facility, and Coverage. Can't find what you are looking for? Please visit our Member Materials, Forms, Tools, and Resources page for commonly used links and resources.

GlobalHealth has contracted pharmacies in 44 counties in OK. Through this network, you have convenient access to the prescription drugs you need to build and maintain a healthy life.

How might I access the list of prescription drugs on the formulary?
The formulary is listed on the website and is frequently updated.

Are there limits or caps on prescription drug coverage?
You will have the same limits that are required by Medicare Part D.

What is GlobalHealth's policy for brand-name vs. generic drugs?
GlobalHealth strongly encourages you to use generics whenever possible. The cost to you is generally less with generics so you may be less likely to enter the Medicare coverage gap with the use of generics.

How does GlobalHealth keep me apprised of drug updates?
The formulary is updated on our website.

What approved pharmacies are close to me?
You can search our pharmacy network by utilizing our online search tool.
Choice of Doctor
GlobalHealth is contracted with thousands of primary care physicians and specialists. GlobalHealth is licensed in 44 counties in Oklahoma. GlobalHealth has contracts with many of the physicians in each county, giving you the opportunity to choose the provider that fits you in every way.

Will I be able to use my current doctors?
You may use your current physician if he/she is in the network. You can search our network by utilizing our online search tool.

How do I determine which doctors are in the plan’s network and whether they’re taking new patients?
In-network physicians are listed in the online directory, or you may call Customer Care at 844-280-5555.

What happens if my doctor leaves the plan?
If your doctors leave the plan, GlobalHealth will assist you in finding another physician to meet your care needs.

Are there penalties for using an out-of-network doctor?
Unless it is an urgent/emergency situation, you will be responsible for the bill.
Choice of Facility
GlobalHealth has contracts with many hospitals and healthcare providers in 44 counties across Oklahoma. This enables you to set appointments at locations convenient for you. Plus, emergency care is available at any facility.

Which specialists, hospitals, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities are in the plan's network?
All of the facilities and providers are listed on the website, or you may call Customer Care at 844-280-5555.

How does GlobalHealth care for patients who have a hospital stay?
GlobalHealth is in frequent contact with your doctor and the hospital to monitor your progress.

Are there unexpected costs?
As long as you stay in-network and pay your copayments, there are no unexpected costs for Medicare-eligible services.

What kind of coverage can I expect if I require a skilled nursing facility?
You will receive the same coverage as Medicare.

Are there benefits if I travel outside of the service area?
When you are out of the GlobalHealth service area but in the U.S., urgent and emergency care is covered under your policy. However, many health insurance policies, including GlobalHealth's, do not extend coverage to foreign countries. If you venture out of the country, consider purchasing a supplemental, short-term policy for travelers.

Are there penalties for using an out-of-network facility?
If you use an out-of-network provider, you will not be covered.
2017 Generations Medicare Advantage Plans, Offered by GlobalHealth combine the insurance benefits of Medicare parts A, B and D with the customer service and care of a consumer-focused health maintenance organization.

What coverage can I expect?
You will receive the same benefits that Medicare provides.

What if I develop a complex illness, what disease-related services are covered?
In addition to the same Medicare coverage for your illness, you will receive a personal case manager to ensure that you receive the care you need in a timely manner.
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  • GlobalHealth is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in GlobalHealth depends on contract renewal.