GlobalHealth offers several key benefits to our members.

Comprehensive Services

GlobalHealth was founded to put you, the patient, back in charge of your health care. As an Oklahoma health maintenance organization (HMO), GlobalHealth is committed to using a team-based approach to partner with you, increasing wellness and protecting you from unexpected health care costs. With GlobalHealth, you select a primary care provider who coordinates your care, and helps you to navigate through the increasingly complex world of health care. Together, you will determine the best course of action for you or your family member.

GlobalHealth maintains an ever-growing list of providers and specialists in communities across Oklahoma, so you always have a caring medical professional nearby, ready to give you and your family the customized care you need.

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Affordable Policies

GlobalHealth provides affordable, high quality HMO plans and related services. In fact, GlobalHealth incorporates a simple copay system so you know exactly what you are going to pay before treatment begins. Through efficient management and operational practices, we are able to provide trustworthy, reliable health coverage for a low monthly premium.

Oklahoma-based Leadership

As an Oklahoman, you likely value friendliness, responsibility, loyalty and excellence from the companies with whom you do business. GlobalHealth is Oklahoma-based, and available in all 77 counties. We have the same values, the same insistence on trustworthiness and the same emphasis on excellent quality.