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Technology is just a part of life. But all that phone and email checking, gaming, or working on a computer can really take a toll. As in most aspects of life, setting boundaries is generally healthy.

  • You might have healthier eyes – less strain and dry eyes.
  • You can spend more quality time with family and friends.
  • You might be more productive and happier by separating work life and home life.
  • Your sleep, and the rest you get, might improve.
  • Your memory might improve when you depend less on devices to remember for you.
  • You might be less stressed. Social media can be depressing, frustrating, or dividing.


Here are some suggestions to be device-free for at least a little while each day.

  • Put your devices in another room when you are sleeping. Or better yet, turn them off.
  • Eat meals without devices.
  • Get out Grandma’s cookbook and try making a favorite recipe.
  • Play games – old-fashioned board games – with family and friends.
  • Exercise or play sports.
  • Set boundaries. Allow only a set amount of time to be on devices each day.