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Fitness and Exercise

Health benefits of exercise include living longer, having more energy, and just feeling better. Other benefits include:

  • Weight control
  • Prevent or manage many different health problems – heart, diabetes, depression, arthritis for example
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Better sleep
  • Social engagement
  • Improve memory, boost cognition
  • Manage chronic pain


  • Take the stairs.
  • Join an exercise class – Zumba, yoga, swimming, etc.
  • Walk around your neighborhood.
  • Invest in kettlebells, workout videos, or boxing equipment.
  • Challenge yourself to a half-marathon and train for it.
  • Take an adventure vacation – hiking or skiing for example.
  • Park at the back of the parking lot.

Be Active Your Way - A Guide for Adults

Be Physically Active

Sample Strength Activity Plan for Beginners


  • There are four types of exercise:
    • Endurance – jogging, yard work, cycling, swimming
    • Strength – weight lifting
    • Balance – Tai Chi
    • Flexibility – yoga, stretching

Always talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any fitness routine. The regimen best for you depends on several factors:

  • What regimen you already have.
  • What stage of life you are in – childhood, adult, pregnancy, senior adult.
  • What shape you are in versus what shape you want to be in and how quickly you want to get there.
  • What medical conditions you have.
  • What your goals are – weight loss, muscle or bone health, mental well-being.

How Much Exercise Do I Need?

Daily Physical Activity Log


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