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Falls prevention

Although many seniors fall each year, falling is not an inevitable part of aging. Practical lifestyle adjustments may help prevent a fall.

Who is at risk

  • Those with a history of falls
  • Those with problems in physical functioning or limited mobility


You should see a doctor if you:

  • Fall or are having mobility issues.
  • Are having issues with sitting and standing, especially if you have lightheadedness or dizziness.
  • Are having trouble with balance.

What you can do

  • Engage is regular physical activity.
  • Wear sensible shoes with nonskid soles.
  • Remove hazards in your home and make sure you have adequate lighting.
  • Use assistive devices when recommended by your doctor.

Home Fall Prevention Checklist

Preventive service at no cost

Adults 65 years or older

The USPSTF recommends exercise interventions to prevent falls in community-dwelling adults 65 years or older who are at increased risk for falls.

Why screening is important

Falls are a leading cause of injury-related conditions and death among older adults.

What the screening and interventions are

Your doctor may ask you questions about your balance, mobility, medications, and past falls. Interventions may include a new exercise regimen.


Treatment will depend on your risk factors. Your doctor may recommend a change to your medications, have safety devices installed in your bathroom, or that you see an eye doctor, for example.

Additional tips

  • Get your vision checked every year and update your glasses if needed.
  • Talk to your doctor about all the medications you take. Some may have a side effect of dizziness.

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