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General Statement

GlobalHealth is a Health Maintenance Organization that offers HMO plans to large employer groups, including state employee groups, and Medicare Advantage participants. Our website is intended for use by individuals within our service area. 

Information Displayed on this Website

We make reasonable efforts to maintain accurate information on this website; however, it is possible that some information found on the website may be out-of-date.

Revisions to the Website Use Policy

We may revise our Website Use Policy from time to time as we add new features, or as laws change that affect us. If we make material changes to our Website Use Policy, we will post the revised policy on our website prior to implementing the change.

Information Collected and Used

Our use and disclosure of an individual's information is limited as required by federal and state laws. We do not sell or rent personal information about visitors to this site or customers who use the site.

We may collect and use information that you provide us in order to respond to your inquiry or to send you information about a service or resource that you expressed interest in. We will continue to send you information unless you request us to stop. Additionally, we may receive information from third-party sites that you access through our website.

Use of Cookies and Tags

We may collect electronic data about you through tools such as “cookies” and “tags” in order to provide a positive website experience, offer health care programs, products and services and report on user activity and trends. Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers or devices. These tools may be used to gather information about how individuals use and navigate the website. These tools do not extract any personal information about you and cannot read any data that you have on your personal computer or device. The use of cookies and tags provides us information that we can use to improve our website and provide a better browsing experience. 

We may gather information collected from cookies and tags to (1) track resources and data access on our website; (2) record general site statistics and activity; (3) troubleshoot website problems; (4) track what tools visitors are accessing on the site; (5) serve ads for remarketing purposes based on past visits to the website; and (6) other internal uses as permitted by law.

Your particular browser or device may offer settings that allow you to choose whether to enable, disable, or delete browser cookies.

Web Log Files

We may collect and log the IP address of each visitor to gather aggregate data on visitors to our site and how our site is being used. We do not associate IP addresses with any personally identifiable information. These logs may contain: the Internet domain from which you access the site (such as,;;, etc.); the IP address which is automatically assigned to your computer when you get on the Internet (a static IP address may be identifiable as being connected to you, while a dynamic address is usually not identifiable); the type of browser and operating system you use; the date and time you visited the site; the pages you viewed on the site; and, the address of the website you linked from, if any. If you sign on to this website to use its secured features, our web logs will also contain an individual identifier and show the services that you have accessed.

All web logs are stored securely, and may only be accessed by our employees and associates on a need-to-know basis for a specific purpose.

Evaluation and Surveys

We may periodically ask users to complete surveys asking about their experiences with features of the website. Our surveys ask visitors for demographic information such as age, gender and education, but will not request that users provide specific information about any medical condition. We use survey information for research and quality improvement purposes, including helping us to improve information and services offered through the website. Users giving feedback may be individually contacted for follow-up due to concerns raised during the course of such evaluation. Demographic information and web log data may be stored for future research and evaluation.

Third-Party Links

We may offer links to other websites and pages hosted by independent third parties. We make no guarantee concerning the accuracy, relevance, or appropriateness of these third-party sites or the information provided.

Messages and Transactions

Comments or questions sent to us through this website will be shared with GlobalHealth employees who are most able to address your concerns.

Privacy and Security

We know how important the security and privacy of your information is to you. We are committed to maintaining a secure website and complying with applicable Privacy and Security laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). For more information, please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Questions, Complaints and Contacts

If you have any questions about this Website Use Policy, our policies and practices concerning this site, your rights under this statement and your dealings with this website, please contact Customer Care.